The JCP Social Action Committee

   The Jewish Community of the Palouse maintains a Social Action Committee for various projects,  including caring for JCP members who need assistance, supporting social causes and interfaith activities,  bikur cholim (visiting the sick), tzedakah (charitable giving) and gemilut hasadim (acts of kindness).  Instead of using general dues, the JCP asks members to contribute to a separate “Social Action Fund.”  

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE INVOLVED with the Social Action Committee, or if you would like to call the Committee’s attention to a specific need, please contact Larry Fox at ghoxman @

IF YOU WISH TO MAKE A DONATION to the JCP Social Action Fund,” please make the donation payable to “The Jewish Community of the Palouse” and identify on your check that it is for the JCP “Social Action Fund.”  You can mail your contribution to

___Larry Fox
___3302 Albion Parvin Road
___Pullman, WA 99163