Friday Nights – Shabbat

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      womenofvalorUnless otherwise announced … our services are generally held in the Arts Workshop room at the 1912 Center in Moscow, Idaho, located at 412 E 3rd St, between Adams & Van Buren streets.  For directions to the 1912 Center you can view a map at:   The building is across from Moscow High School and just east of downtown Moscow.  Parking is available in the northwest corner of the building lot, and from that lot, there is disability access to the entryway next to the Arts Workshop room.  There is no cooking or microwave option.  But there are electrical sockets for crockpots and warming devices.  We will be using the PCEI “plate project” for plates, cups, glasses, and utensils. The JCP will provide wine, juice and napkins.  Unless otherwise announced the Potlucks will begin at 6:00 PM and Services will begin around 7:00 PM.   You can come for one and not the other, you can come for both, you can come and go at any time.  Rabbi Elizabeth Goldstein of Spokane will lead our Friday Night Services and teach a Torah Class on the following Saturday.  Rabbi Goldstein was ordained in the Reform Judaism movement.   She teaches Hebrew and the Hebrew Bible at Gonzaga University.

 JCP events are open to JCP members and their guests. Contact us if you are visiting or new to our area – or if you are not Jewish but would like to attend an event.  

The dates for Fall of 2017 are:  Sept 8, Oct 6 (not at the 1912 Center, but see announcement about combined Shabbat–Sukkot event), Nov 10, and Dec 8 

The dates for Winter-Spring of 2018 are:  Jan 12, Feb 9, March 9, and April 13

1 — Unless otherwise indicated, the JCP will provide napkins, plates, utensils, cups, beverages and ceremonial wine.
2 — Please bring a serving utensil and if you bring soup, please bring some bowls in case we do not have any.
3 — Your dish does not have to be strictly Kosher, but there are JCP members who prefer to avoid non-kosher foods.   Therefore, it would help if you do not mix meat and dairy in the same dish, and f you do so, please label your dish.   On the other hand, it is very appreciated if you inform everyone when your dish is gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan.  Those are often very popular.
4 — Please label your dishes when they contain nuts, meat, fish, seafood, pork, strawberries, etc, and other products that might be allergenic or non-Kosher.  Some of the most allergenic foods to avoid include wheat, fish, shellfish, milk, eggs, nuts (including peanuts), sesame, celery and soy.   See, e.g., 10 Allergenic Foods to Avoid (opens in a new window).
5 — Check to see if we have announced that the potluck is “vegetarian,” which means no fish, seafood or meat.