March 21 Film on capturing Eichmann

TUESDAY, MARCH 21, at 7 PM, the Kenworthy in downtown Moscow will present “The People vs. Fritz Bauer,” a 2015 German language film (with English subtitles) about the man who brought high-ranking German Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann to justice.  All seats are $5.00.      See a review at    “…From start to finish, it’s absorbing. A historical drama that radiates suspense…  Based on real people and events, this tale finds Bauer, a German Jew, serving as an attorney general in West Germany in 1957. Part of his work is to track down former Nazi officials, and he’s increasingly thwarted by superiors and underlings who are still sympathetic to the Third Reich. ..  He’s helped by an underling …who begins to doubt his assignment once he learns that capturing Eichmann involves leaking information to Israel and the Mossad. Such a treasonous act could put both these investigators in jail. … The film, directed by Lars Kraume, won a clutch of German film awards, including best picture and best screenplay ….”

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